Riverview Place is a 8-storey office building with rental space ranging 72 to 144 sq.m., totaling 26 units. It is conveniently located on Rama 3 rd. with proximity to Naradhiwas rd. and Bhumipolbridge (Industrial ring road) which leads to Suk Sawat rd. and Pu Chao SamingPhrai rd.


The design intent is to create a 8-meter-span space with no obstructing columns, offering flexible and efficient column-free office plans that can be arranged to suit any desired layout.

Meeting Rooms

Riverview Place provides you with a well-equipped large 16-seat meeting room and two 6-seat meeting rooms with reasonable rent by the hour. You can thus save a lot on your office space.

Office layout samples


Riverview Place provides 24-hr security guards. We also install burglar alarm system for your office which secures all doors and windows, infrared sensor to detect movements, and a panic button in case of emergency. Close-circuit cameras are fitted at all building entrances and parking.

Regarding fire protection, all areas in the building are installed with fire alarm, smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler system and fire hose.

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Riverview Place Co.,Ltd.

1258/31-37 Rama 3 rd.,
Chong Nonsi, Yannawa,
Bangkok 10120
Phone: 02-295-4888
Fax: 02-295-4889
Email: riverviewplace@yahoo.com


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